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2018 Meadowcroft Syrah

A characteristic California Syrah with rich dark fruit, spice and leather at an uncharacteristicly low price. It's an ideal wine for a Divvy-Up - crowd pleasing and a super deal. Give it a try!

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How it Works

Divvy-Up unlocks winery direct group buying discounts with a wine sharing shopping cart that makes it easy for people to team up on a case or partial case purchase. Organize or join a share. Buy just what you want and everyone saves.

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We find and work with award winning wineries to get 40-70% discounts

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Invite friends to your shared cart. You're not charged unless all bottles in your cart are claimed. Or buy on your own, this stuff keeps.

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One person receives the wine and arranges pick-up with the other buyers

It's a new way to buy and share great wines.

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“The best wines are the ones we drink with friends.” Whether wine is a comfy companion, or you’re just getting into it, you know wine is a sharing thing. So helping you share seemed like a natural part of Divvy-Up.

Team up to discover new wines while you save big on great wine deals direct from the winery. Sharing is a win for everyone. Wineries win by connecting with new customers. By teaming up you create group buying power to snag volume discounts. Consolidating shipping saves money and makes it easier on the planet. And sharing helps you and your friends to discover more awesome artisan wines.

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Pinot, Cabernet, Chardonnay. Unless you just teleported onto the planet, you probably know about these wines. But did you know that there are over 8000 artisan winemakers in the USA making amazing wines with over 35 different grape varieties?

We search out these unique wines, and our wine discovery quiz can help you find the ones you might like. Our quiz algorithms match tastes and aromas you enjoy with the characteristics of different wine types. We suggest new wines you should try and wine aromas to seek out. It's easy, fun and takes about 5 minutes.

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We’re building a community of fun, friendly folks that love exploring wine. Some are experts, some not so expert. That’s not important. We’re all here to discover, enjoy and share.

Invite your friends, make new friends, it’s all up to you. See unbiased reviews from Divvy-Uppers that get surprise PrevView bottles - a fun program where we randomly send out bottles of the wine to be offered prior to each Wine Event. Join in with guest winemakers to chat about their Wine Event. Or just hang out for the fun polls and quirky wine trivia.

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