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2017 Tin Barn Vinyards Merlot, Pickberry Vineyard, Sonoma Valley

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Gold Medal winner from premier Pickberry Vineyards. Deliciously rich black cherry pops in this mountain style, food friendly wine with layers of subtle chocolate and anise adding depth and a gorgeous round mouthfeel. It's time to love Merlot again.

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There's something special about an artisan wine. You can taste the connection to the vines, the influence of terroir and the passion of the winemaker. These hand-crafted wines come from wineries whose liquid art is just too limited for broad distribution. But with Divvy-Up, you get insider access to their unique and special wines.

Taste science today makes it possible for wine factories to pump out tens of thousands of cases of passable everyday wine. And that's what fills most retail wine shelves - a dozen mega brands do 70% of all wine sales. That's not us. We seek out the best small production wines, providing you an insider view to releases that are measured in hundreds of cases. Then we connect you directly with the winery, skipping the middleman, to offer amazing artisan wines at everyday wine prices.

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“The best wines are the ones we drink with friends.” Whether wine is a comfy companion, or you’re just getting into it, you know wine is a sharing thing. So helping you share seemed natural for Divvy-Up.

Winemakers offer the best discounts for winery direct case purchases, so we’re applying sharing economy ideas to get the biggest savings. By teaming up, you create group buying power. And our cart sharing tech makes it super easy to split partial or full cases. Create a wine buying group with friends or other Divvy-Uppers. Consolidating shipping also saves you money and it’s better for the planet. Plus sharing with friends makes it more fun to try new wines together.

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Wine that tells a story

Every wine and every winery here on Divvy-Up has a story to tell. The story of the vines, the wine making and the inspiration that is at the heart of every small artisan winery. These are the stories that make artisan wines so special.

That's all part of the experience we love sharing here on Divvy-Up. Along with every wine offer, you'll find the backstory of the winery, it's founders and the principles that guide them. For each hand selected offer, you'll get the tasting notes from the winemaker. And the details on how the wine was made, from harvest through bottling. There are videos, articles and pairing recipes. We're not just offering a bottle of wine, we're sharing a wonderful glimpse of the unique wine experience that each artisan winery can offer.

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Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay. Unless you just teleported onto the planet, you probably know about these wines. But did you know that there are over 11,000 artisan winemakers in the USA making amazing wines with over 35 different grape varieties?

We search out the best of these unique wines, and get the wineries to offer amazing discounts. Our wine discovery quiz can help you find the ones you might like. The quiz algorithms match your preferences with the characteristics of different wine types, to suggest wines to try. It's easy, fun and takes about 5 minutes.

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